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Sports Officer Answer Key 2019 - Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission (CGPSC)

Chhattisgarh Public Service Commission (CGPSC)

Sports Officer Answer Key 2019 

51. Takshshila was famous for which sport in ancient age ? 

 (A) Horse riding 
(B) Pranayama 
(C) Archery 
(D) Yoga

52. The ‘Sliding Filament Theory’ is the Theory of 
(A) Cognitive Learning 
(B) Transfer of Training 
(C) Muscle Contraction 
(D) Eye Movement

53. Who is the father of modern Olympic Games ?
 (A) Carl Lewis 
(B) Pele 
 (C) Pierre de Coubertin 
(D) Michael Jonson

54. From Which Olympic Games ‘Olympic Flag’ was introduced ?
 (A) 1920 
(B) 1924 
(C) 1928 
(D) 1932

55. In which Olympic Games ‘Olympic Flame’ was introduced ?
 (A) 1924 
(B) 1928 
(C) 1932 
(D) 1936 

56. In which Olympics Karnam Malleswari won bronze medal in weight lifting ?

 (A) 1992 
(B) 1996 
(C) 2000 
(D) 2004

57. Who is the father of Basketball ?
(A) Dr. Graeme Smith 
(B) Dr. James Naismith 
(C) Dr. S. Morgan 
(D) Dr. G.D. Sondhi

58. Who is the first woman Arjun award winner ? 

 (A) P.V. Sandhu 
(B) Geeta Sandhu 
(C) Stephie D’Souza 
(D) P.T. Usha

59. Where the 2012 Olympic Games were organized ? 
(A) Tokyo 
(B) London 
(C) Paris 
(D) Beijing

60. Fed Cup belongs to which game ? 
 (A) Tennis 
(B) Table Tennis 
(C) Badminton 
(D) Hockey

61. According to Buck Walter, which is not an objective of Physical education ?
 (A) Health 
(B) Worthy use of leisure time 
 (C) Ethical character 
(D) Emotional development 

62. Who is the Father of Idealism – as a Philosophy of Physical education ? 

 (A) Plato 
(B) Socrates 
(C) Aristotle 
(D) Confucius

63. Which is the oldest theory of Philosophical Foundation of Physical education ? 

 (A) Idealism 
(B) Naturalism 
(C) Realism 
(D) Pragmatism

64. According to Thorndike, which is not a law of learning ?
 (A) Law of Direction 
(B) Law of Effect 
 (C) Law of Readiness 
(D) Law of Exercise

65. Who gave this definition of Play, that “Play relates to any activity engaged in for the enjoyment it gives, without consideration of the end result” ? 
 (A) J.S. Rass 
(B) Hurlock 
(C) Crow and Crow 
(D) Thorndike

66. Who developed the theory of Surplus Energy of Play ? 

 (A) Herbert Spencer 
(B) Karl Gross 
 (C) Stanly Hall 
(D) Lazarus

67. Who abolished the ancient Olympics in 394 A.D. ? 
 (A) Theodosius 
(B) Pierre de Coubertin 
 (C) Theodore 
(D) Leonidas

68. In which year the British Olympic Association was established ?
 (A) 1895 
(B) 1986 
(C) 1905 
(D) 1906

69. Who described the learning curve first ?
 (A) B.F. Skinner 
(B) Herman Ebbinghaus 
 (C) Ivan Pavlov 
(D) Edward Thorndike

70. When was the L.N.I.P.E. Gwalior established ? 

 (A) 1957 
(B) 1965 
(C) 1975 
(D) 1984

71. Who was the First Principal of Y.M.C.A. Madras ?
 (A) P.M. Joseph 
(B) A.K. Singh 
 (C) H.C. Buck 
(D) H.K. Verma

72. When was the H.V.P.M. Amravati established ? 

 (A) 1909 
(B) 1914 
(C) 1924 
(D) 1925

73. When did the government of India launch “Nehru Yuva Kendra” scheme ? 

 (A) 1962 
(B) 1965 
(C) 1972 
(D) 1975

74. When the Sports Authority of India was registered as a society ? 
 (A) 1982 
(B) 1983 
(C) 1984 
(D) 1985

75. Scientific study of bones is called 

 (A) Astrology 
(B) Osteology 
(C) Anthology 
(D) Myology

76. In which Olympic Games Indian Team had participated for the first time ? 
 (A) 1904 
(B) 1920 
(C) 1924 
(D) 1928

77. Who was the First President of Indian Olympic Association ? 
 (A) Sir Dorabji Tata 
(B) D.G. Sondhi 
 (C) A.G. Neohren 
(D) G.D. Sondhi

78. Who is the present world record holder of 800 m run for men ?
 (A) Morris Green 
(B) David Rudisha 
 (C) Usain Bolt 
(D) Michael Jonson

79. When did Government of India start Arjuna Award ? 
 (A) 1960 
(B) 1961 
(C) 1974 
(D) 1975

80. When the First Asian Games were organized in India ? 
 (A) 1st to 4th March, 1951 
(B) 4th to 11th March, 1951 
 (C) 1 st to 4 th April, 1951 
(D) 4th to 11th April, 1951

81. Which is the biggest bone in human body ? 
 (A) Femur 
(B) Tibia 
(C) Fibula 
(D) Radius

82. Who gave the ‘Trial and Error’ Principle of learning ? 
 (A) B.F. Skinner 
(B) Sigmund Freud 
 (C) Ivan Pavlov 
(D) Edward Thorndike 

83. Which National award is given to a coach in India ?

 (A) Arjun Award 
(B) Dronacharya Award 
(C) Sardar Patel Award 
(D) Eklavya Award

84. Which country developed the modern Tennis ? 
 (A) America 
(B) England 
(C) Germany 
(D) Spain

85. C.K. Nayudu Trophy belongs to which game ? 
 (A) Football (B) Tennis (C) Cricket (D) Table Tennis

86. Cardio-Vascular endurance depend on 
 (A) Vitamins 
(B) Fat 
(C) Minerals 
(D) None of these

87. What is the official distance of a marathon race ? 
 (A) 41.192 kilometres 
(B) 42.00 kilometres
(C) 42.195 kilometres 
(D) 40.195 kilometres

88. Which is the longest cell in human body ? 

 (A) Red blood cell 
(B) Nerve cell 
 (C) White blood cell 
(D) Platelets

89. When was the School Health Committee established in India ? 

 (A) 1956 
(B) 1958 
(C) 1960 
(D) 1962

90. In which Olympics, Women Fencing was introduced for the first time ? 
 (A) 1924 
(B) 1920 
(C) 1916 
(D) 1928

91. Which University won the first Dr. B.L. Gupta General Championship Trophy ? 

 (A) M.D.U. Rohtak 
(B) G.N.D. University 
 (C) Punjab University 
(D) J.N.D. University

92. How many feathers are there in a standard badminton shuttlecock ?
 (A) 19 
(B) 18 
(C) 16 
(D) 17

93. Which of the following is not a gymnastic event ? 
 (A) Balance Beam 
(B) Roman Bars 
 (C) Parallel Bars 
(D) Uneven Bars

94. What is the measurement of Volleyball court ? 
 (A) 8 x 8 m. 
(B) 9 x 9 m. 
(C) 9 x 18 m
(D) 8 x 16 m.

95. How many calories, one gets from 1 gm fat ? 

 (A) 7 gm Calories 
(B) 8 gm Calories 
(C) 9 gm Calories 
(D) 10 gm Calories

96. Which Indian text was written by Maharshi Patanjali ? 

 (A) Ananda Sutras 
(B) Veda Sutras 
(C) Yoga Sutras 
(D) Marg Sutras

97. Which county changed the name of ‘Track and Field’ to ‘Athletics’? 
 (A) England 
(B) Yunan 
(C) Germany 
(D) France

98. Who was the first winner of Modern Olympic Games ? 
 (A) James Connolly 
(B) Carl Lewis 
 (C) Mark Spitz 
(D) Ray Ewry

99. Which of the following is not a waterborne disease ? 
 (A) Typhoid 
(B) HIV 
 (C) Cholera 
(D) Dysentery

100. How many water jump are there in 3000 mtr. steeplechase run ? 
 (A) 6 
(B) 7 
(C) 8 
(D) 9

101. Which is the largest muscle in human body ? 
 (A) Deltoid 
(B) Gluteus Maximus 
 (C) Triceps 
(D) Biceps

102. Which is not a part of the circulatory system ? 
 (A) Ventricle 
(B) Diaphragm 
(C) Atrium 
(D) Artery

103. Which is not a part of respiratory system ? 
 (A) Trachea 
(B) Lungs 
(C) Liver 
(D) Nose

104. Which is not a part of nervous system ? 
 (A) Neuron 
(B) Spinal Cord 
 (C) Cerebellum 
(D) Larynx  

105. What is the height of hurdle in 110 metre hurdle race for men ? 

 (A) 0.910 M 
(B) 0.940 M 
(C) 0.980 M 
(D) 1.067 M 

106. Which is not a part of endocrine system ? 

 (A) Liver 
(B) Thymus 
(C) Medulla 
(D) Pancreas

107. What is the full form of B.M.I. ? 
 (A) Body Men Index 
(B) Body Measure Index 
 (C) Body Mass Index 
(D) Body Mape Index

108. Which is not a component of skill related fitness ? 

 (A) Agility 
(B) Speed 
(C) Flexibility 
(D) Balance

109. Which is not a technical standard of test selection ? 
 (A) Objectivity 
(B) Reliability 
 (C) Validity 
(D) Utility 

110. Which is not a practical standard of test selection ? 

 (A) Time 
(B) Utility 
(C) Fund 
(D) Norms

111. When was the ‘AAHPERD’ Fitness test formed ? 

 (A) 1940 
(B) 1944 
(C) 1948 
(D) 1958 

112. When was the Harvard step test formed ? 

 (A) 1943 
(B) 1944 
(C) 1957 
(D) 1958

113. What is the full form of NSNIS ? 
 (A) Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports 
(B) Netaji Subhas National Institute of Science
 (C) Netaji Subhas National Institute of Study
 (D) Netaji Subhas National Institute of Survey

114. When was the Johnson basketball skill test formed ? 

 (A) 1934 
(B) 1943 
(C) 1935 
(D) 1953

115. Which test is not a part of AAHPERD basketball skill test ?  

(A) Shooting Test 
(B) Passing Test 
(C) Throwing Test 
(D) Dribbling Test

116. Which is the component of Russell Lange volleyball skill test ? 
 (A) Service Test 
(B) Passing Test 
 (C) Wall Pass 
(D) Smash Test

117. How much carbohydrate is necessary for an athlete ? 
 (A) 30 to 40 % 
(B) 40 to 50 % 
 (C) 50 to 55 % 
(D) 60 to 65 %

118. According to Kretchmer, how many types of personality are there ? 

 (A) 2 
(B) 3 
(C) 4 
(D) 5

119. Which is not an open wound injury ? 

 (A) Abrasion 
(B) Burning 
 (C) Cut 
(D) Avulsion

120. What is the width of stop line in javelin throw ? 
 (A) 40 mm 
(B) 50 mm 
(C) 60 mm 
(D) 70 mm 

121. What is the diameter of shot-put for senior men ? 

 (A) 95 to 110 mm 
(B) 105 to 115 mm 
 (C) 110 to 120 mm 
(D) 110 to 130 mm 

122. Indira Gandhi Gold Cup is related to which game ? 

 (A) Football 
(B) Hockey 
(C) Basketball 
(D) Kabaddi

123. In type-2 Lever, 
 (A) load is between the Force and Fulcrum 
 (B) fulcrum is between the Load and Force
 (C) force is between the Load and Fulcrum
 (D) None of these

124. Which is the correct formula of work ? 
 (A) W = F + D
(B) W = F x D 
(C) W = F – D
(D) W = F/D

125. Which is the last grand slam of the year ? 
 (A) U.S. Open 
(B) Australian Open
 (C) French Open
 (D) Wimbledon

126. ‘Which is not a method of Flexibility Training ? 
 (A) Ballistic method
 (B) Slow Stretch and hold method
 (C) Isokinetic Method 
 (D) Post Isometric Method

127. Co-ordinative ability is sum of how many types of abilities ? 
 (A) 5
(B) 6
 (C) 7
(D) 8

128. Which is not a Technical / Skill training method ? 

 (A) Presentation method
(B) Trial method 
 (C) Co-operation method
(D) Task method

129. When were the 9th Asian Games held ? 

 (A) 4th to 11th October - 1982
 (B) 14th to 21st October - 1982
 (C) 19th November to 4th December - 1982 
 (D) 25th November to 9th December – 1982

130. When was the School Games Federation of India established ?
 (A) 1951 (B) 1954 (C) 1982 (D) 1985

131. Who gave the “Anticipatory or Practice theory of play” ?  
(A) Herbert Spencer (B) Karl Gross (C) Stanly Hall (D) Aristotle

132. ‘Where is the origin of sports medicine ? 

 (A) America (B) Germany (C) Yunan (D) None of these

133. What is the Unit of Force ? 
 (A) kg. (B) km. (C) Newton (D) None of these

134. How many types of Periodization are there in sports training ? 
 (A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) 5

135. How many components are there in skill related physical fitness ?
 (A) 5 (B) 6 (C) 7 (D) 8

136. When was the World Health Organization established ? 
(A) 7th April,1948 
(B) 4th May, 1966
 (C) 1st May, 1955
(D) 8th May, 1955

137. When was the Indian Red Cross Society established ? 
  (A) 1920 (B) 1925 (C) 1940 (D) 1950

138. Which vitamin cannot be stored in our body ? 
 (A) Vitamin-A (B) Vitamin-C (C) Vitamin-D (D) Vitamin-F

139. How much part of human body is made of water ? 
 (A) 4/3 of Body Weight
(B) 8/4 of Body Weight
 (C) 2/3 of Body Weight 
(D) 1/4 of Body Weight 

140. How many calories one gets from 1 gram of protein ? 

 (A) 4 Calories (B) 7 Calories (C) 8 Calories (D) 9 Calories

141. Which is the ball and socket joint ? 
 (A) Shoulder Joint (B) Knee Joint (C) Elbow Joint (D) Wrist Joint 

142. What is the weight of hurdle in 3000 metre steeplechase run ? 

 (A) 50 kg to 70 kg
(B) 60 kg to 75 kg
 (C) 70 kg to 75 kg 
(D) 80 kg to 100 kg 

143. Who won the first Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award ? 

 (A) Sachin Tendulkar (B) Vishwanathan Anand (C) Pankaj Advani (D) Virat Kohli 

144. Who is the first and only sportsperson to win Bharat Ratna Award ? 

 (A) Vishwanathan Anand (B) Sachin Tendulkar (C) P.T. Usha (D) P.V. Sandhu

145. Which is the biggest gland in human body ?
 (A) Pituitary (B) Adrenal (C) Liver (D) Pancreas

146. How many ventricles are there in the human heart ? 
 (A) 1 (B) 2 (C) 3 (D) 4 

147. Interval training is useful to develop 
 (A) Speed (B) Endurance (C) Flexibility (D) Power

148. Harvard step test is used to measure 
 (A) endurance (B) strength (C) flexibility (D) speed

149. What is the length of baton exchange zone in 4 x 100 m. relay race ? 

 (A) 10 m (B) 20 m (C) 30 m (D) 40 m 

150. What is the weight of men’s javelin ? 

 (A) 600 gms. (B) 700 gms. (C) 800 gms. (D) 900 gms.

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